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I am driven out of fatherlands and motherlands. Thus I now love only my children's land, yet undiscovered, in the farthest sea; for this I bid my sails search and search.

Maybe the thing that makes my paintings a little different is my ideology about world and human. A basic difference which says overlooking human is the only way to gain prosperous life. The act that human needs to drink his life fresh water. As for as human has known himself, the world has been repeated as animality as it can be. Now, it should be finished and human should get wise perception of himself.

It’s necessary to explain that I have created these paintings freely and without any beforehand plans and the thing that was necessary has been painted without any historical and time restriction based on visual arts. Keeping outward and inward is the main point in these works in order that viewers enjoy both beauty and concept of the art work.


About me

Since I had instinctive willing to hear music, I bought a small radio when I was a child.

When youth, I met some new friends and I attained my favorite music sources more. Of course it was so limited. Those days we could hardly find what we wanted about music. It should be said that what we could find was in cassettes with low quality. Then I got acquainted to “Berlin school” of Electronic music. Its rhythm and deathful succession had a magic conformity with my soul. After that, I got acquainted with the greatest master of this genre - Klaus Schulze - and he entered me to a new world.


Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze (born 4 August 1947) is a German electronic music composer and musician.

Then I got acquainted with indicative age philosophers and “Friedrich Nietzsche” -the brilliant face, literary man and philosopher of 19th century- and this acquainted opened an endless era in my life. All of them helped me so much to become a painter like this. Philosopher’s thoughts, artist works and good deed get associated and become concrete in a real zenith. I did my best to experience a real zenith.

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